Custom Fitting

Custom Fitting

Every Golfer Should Be Custom Fitted For Any New Clubs

The process for custom fitting a golfer when buying a set of irons includes:


  • Deciding the head design that suits the golfer's individual needs
  • Finding the correct lie angle that suits the golfer's measurements and swing characteristics
  • Discovering the best shaft for the golfer's swing speed and preferred ball flight
  • Finalise the process by creating a set make-up, ie 4-PW or 5-SW


Our trained Professional team offer a FREE custom fitting service to golfers wishing to buy any equipment.

Manufacturer Fitting Days

Mizuno - Thursday 1st June 2017

To book your appointment with a trained technician at one of our fitting days or to book a custom fitting appointment with our trained PGA staff, please call 01142349151 or email