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1st - Par 4, 428 yards

A tough but memorable start. Our opening hole plays uphill all the way with out of bounds to the left but plenty of relief out to the right. When you reach the green there is a first taste of the breathtaking views as you look back down to the clubhouse. 

2nd - Par 3, 142 yards

If you found the first a bit tough, this picturesque short par 3 should settle you down a bit. But be on your guard. Tucked in amongst the trees, this well-protected green slopes from back to front and presents a tricky par-save if you’re off the putting surface. 

3rd - Par 4, 366 yards

A truly great piece of golfing architecture, our third is one of the signature holes. It’s not long but requires accuracy from the tee. With links-like contours through the fairway it rarely plays the same way twice. One of the best holes in Yorkshire. 

4th - Par 4, 385 yards

The views on the approach to the green rival any you’ll find on any inland course in the UK. Whether you play safe to the right side of the fairway or take the tiger-line left to cut off the dog-leg, it’s a memorable hole. 

5th - Par 4, 367 yards

More stunning views to be savoured from the tee box here but another accurate tee shot is required to really enjoy this hole. The more club you take, the more danger comes into play. Be wary of the wind as you choose your strategy. 

6th - Par 3, 211 yards

Another gorgeous par 3 which only offers relief if you miss short and straight. There’s rough to the right and a deep bunker to the left of the green. The sheltered tee makes it tough to judge the wind but it’s fun - honest! 

7th - Par 4, 247 yards

A classic risk-reward par 4 where the green will be in range off the tee for many players. But if you want to avoid the bunkers or worse then an iron to the middle of the fairway might be your best chance of making a par here. 

8th - Par 4, 369 yards

Another hole which offers plenty of options from the tee. It’s a blind shot but there are plenty of markers to find your ideal line whether playing safe to the corner of the dog-leg or going straight over the trees towards the green with a driver. 

9th - Par 5, 497 yards

More impressive views, this time out the opposite way towards Greno Woods. This is a fun par 5 that plays downhill all the way so you’ll get good value for your shots. Good score or not, there’s a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich available from the halfway house. 

10th - Par 3, 186 yards

You’ll enjoy the view from this elevated tee as much as your refreshments in what is a superb start to the back nine. Clever bunkering make this a great par 3 which again requires assessment of the wind for correct club selection. 

11th - Par 5, 488 yards

We’re on our way back up the hill now but this relatively short par 5 has a generous fairway and inviting approach to the green. Once you reach the summit there are more spectacular views to be enjoyed. 

12th - Par 4, 360 yards

Big hitters may be tempted to unleash a driver here as this barrel- straight par 4 plays all downhill. If you can get the ball bounding straight down the fairway you’ll only have a short approach and a good chance of a decent score. 

13th - Par 3, 145 yards

Very similar to the 2nd, this hole looks inviting but anything which misses the green will leave a tricky chip or a tough bunker shot. Cleverly tucked into the trees this is a classic short par 3. 

14th - Par 4, 427 yards

One of the most daunting tee shots of the round but trust the marker post as you hit blindly up the hill to what is actually a fairly generous fairway. There are options with the approach as you can feed the ball off the fairway as it slopes down towards the green. 

15th - Par 4, 408 yards

Another proper golf hole which requires a fade off the tee or an aggressive line straight over the trees on the right. You can use your imagination on the approach by threading the ball through a narrow gap or over the well placed front bunker. 

16th - Par 4, 314 yards

Many players get tempted to go in a straight line towards the green here but the further right you go, the more the green opens up for the approach. Being in the right position is more important than distance here. 

17th - Par 4, 293 yards

Another fantastic risk-reward hole which can throw up some real drama in matchplay. Straight drivers can take on the green if only a win will do but the safe play is an iron to come up short of the treacherous bunkers. 

18th - Par 5, 630 yards

An epic finish which doesn’t play as long as it sounds. Drive through the trees and over the ravine then it’s downhill all the way home. Get one rolling down the fairway or fly it all the way to the green it's a fitting end to a memorable round. 

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