Junior Academy

Our junior programme is aimed at the beginner golfer who has little or no experience playing the sport. This three level development process spreads from pupils as young as 3 to 12. This fun, game orientated environment is designed to develop your child’s fundamental movement skills, social/conversational skills along with the golf specific skills.

Our classes run on a Saturday morning all year round and after school in the summer months.

A 7 week block of lessons is only £50 and includes all areas of golf, putting, chipping, pitching, irons, bunkers and woods.

If you are unsure whether your child will enjoy golf but want to give it a go without signing up for 7 week block speak to one of our team and we will sign them up for a free taster session.

Only £50 for 7 weeks of lessons!

Progression to Par

Our progression to par programme is aimed at the young golfer which has a fundamental understanding of all the areas of golf and wants to take their golf game to the next level. This group has pupils aged between 9 and 17 and uses competitive group games and on course games to get the best from the group. Our resident PGA Pros go on the course with the children to ensure they understand the rules and etiquette of golf as well as swing mechanics. This has been developed to help bridge the gap between the practice range and the course.

This unique programme offers a 1 hour group session once a week and a half an hour individual lesson with a PGA Professional per month.

The cost of this is £40 a month assuming there have been 4 group coaching sessions.

£40 a month for group sessions, on course sessions and an individual lesson.

Why should your child learn golf?

Etiquette and values – Golf has a rich tradition in values and etiquette which continues into today. Through our lessons we promote truthfulness, how to behave with others and overcoming obstacles in adversity. 


Lifelong Skills – Golf is a game which will develop your child’s fundamental movement skills in a key age for learning. This game and the skills it promotes will continue to help even until later on in life as it is a game which can be played by all ages.


Spending quality time with family – This sport is a great way to bond and offer encouragement to your child. It is also one of only a few sports which can be played competitively throughout generations of your family.


Spending time outdoors – As the technology age continues to develop it is becoming harder to get kids to spend time outside. This sport with its hidden exercise is a great way to ensure hours of outside activity.


Self Improvement – Golf is a game of constant self improvement, players analyse what they did and what they can do to improve more. This develops habits of self improvement which transfer into other walks of life.


Fun – Golf is a fun game which has a vast array of formats to suit all levels of ability in play or practice.

Come and try us for FREE

We understand that golf may not be for everyone. So we are offering a FREE taster session to all children. 

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