3 Tips On How To Tackle The PGA Tours "Snake Pit"

On the PGA Tour this week the players will be faced with a tough three hole stretch called the "Snake Pit" a few weeks ago the players faced another tough three hole stretch called the "Bear Pit".

Here at Hillsborough Golf Club we have a tough three hole stretch of our own. The first three holes can be intimidating but if approached correctly should hold no fear for anyone.

Here are three simple tips on how to tackle tough sections of a golf course.

1) Have a game plan.

Prior to teeing off that day make sure you have a plan in your mind about how you will play those holes. Don't leave it until you're standing on the tee to decide what strategy you will employ.

2) Stick to your routine.

Most golfers decide to "take more time" on the tougher holes. I can only presume that the reason for this is that taking more care will result in better shots. This could not be further from the truth. You should stick to your mental and physical routine for every shot and certainly don't change it on tougher holes.

3) Don't beat yourself up.

If you score badly on a hole remind yourself that it's only one hole and that it's tough for everyone. Stand on the next tee and say to yourself that it's a new hole and all you have to do is commit to the next shot. Take one shot at a time.

Try these tips next time you play but if you feel you need more help please call us to book a lesson or click here.

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