Well Done Kev!!

The sun was out and the course was in beautiful condition when our long standing member Kevin Taylor stood on the par 3 13th.

As Kev went through his well rehearsed pre-shot routine his practice swing felt fantastic and his mind was focused 100% on a positive outcome. All these years of training had come down to this!

Just before Kev pulled the trigger a small bird, preparing a nest for its young, chirped but this was not enough to break his unyielding concentration.

A good turn on the backswing was followed by a solid downswing with his 7 wood. As the club made contact with the ball Kev knew it was a good shot. But the question was, how good??

As the ball started just left of the flag the signs were good because Kev knew he was planning a slight fade. Just as planned the ball started to curve towards his target. One by one the mouths of his playing partners started to open with admiration and anticipation of what may unfold in the next few seconds.

As the ball landed it was difficult for the group to know if the ball had flown over the green or if it was resting against the flag.

Ask Kevin wandered towards the green his mind drifted back to the last time he made a magical hole-in-one but stopped himself from from thinking too much to make sure he didn't jinx the potential outcome of this particular shot.

Over the next few minutes Kev and his fellow playing partners shared feelings that are generally reserved for loving couples after a momentous occasion because all of Kev's hope and expectations had come to fruition in the realisation that he had indeed made a hole-in-one!

Well done Kev!! Thanks for the whiskey!

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