Hole-In-One For Chris Birch.... on a par 4!!

Many golfers go through their playing days without ever getting a hole-in-one.

Chris Birch will have been satisfied to have already made a hole-in-one earlier in his golfing life but his latest achievement will be a talking point for many years to come.

At 355 yards our 5th hole is not our shortest par 4 but with a slight wind behind him Birchy decided to go for the green, which is not visible from the tee.

After a well struck tee shot Chris was growing ever more frustrated because he could not see his ball when approaching the putting surface. After a quick look over the green with playing partner Ian Maskrey his frustration started to grow as the potential for a lost ball from a good shot seemed a real possibility.

Not wanting to tempt fate, Birchy never looked into the hole but Merks thought it worth a look..... What followed was a scene normally reserved for the cop following a last minute equaliser. The realisation had set in that he had doubled his hole-in-one tally but in the most amazing way, on a par 4!!

Well done Birchy, enjoy the whiskey.

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