Hole-In-One For Jez Lawton!!

Wow!! Another hole-in-one!

This time it's Jeremy Lawton who managed to achieve the seemingly unattainable feat of holing out with one precise shot.

Jez, who decided to re-dedicate himself to the game in 2019 by hiring a personal fitness instructor and flying in Butch Harmon for private lessons, managed to hole out in one shot for the second time in his distinguished career. The first being some 30 years earlier.

Our second is currently out of play so we have added 17b to the course. A 110 yard par 3 to a narrow green fraught with danger. This danger however, didn't enter Jez's mind as he approached the tee shot, his intensive training means he doesn't see danger, only opportunities!

Jez pulled a wedge out of his bag and went through his usual pre-shot ritual. A waggle of the club and several body parts helps to relax him before pulling the trigger. A good backswing was followed by an aggressive downswing but then came the realisation that he had fatted it!

Fortunately for Jez, this tee shot was from a winter mat and the club bounced off the mat and sent the ball towards the flag.

As the ball flew straight for the flag Jez new that this could be a special moment plus he did also wonder if he was insured for a hole-in-one. The ball landed a foot short of the flag and hopped into the hole, what a moment, what a feeling!! A huge feeling of exhilaration was felt by not only Jez but his playing companions too.

Well done Jez!!!

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