Hole-In-One For Matt Shaw!

The second hole at our club can give people nightmares. Out of bounds tight to the left hand side and a steeply sloping green which is protected by two bunkers. Get through this hole with a par three and most golfers are happy.

After major swing changes and a fresh outlook on the game, Matt Shaw stood on the second tee with an altogether different attitude. A steely focus and unwavering confidence comes naturally to this Hillsborough Golf Club member of around 17 years.

Nine iron was the club Matt chose for this all-important shot. He knew, when the clubface made contact with the soft cover of his Callaway Chrome Soft ball, that the shot would be good.

As the ball tracked towards the hole, his playing partners started to believe that they could be about to witness history being made, right before their eyes. Matt had never previously had a hole-in-one, was this the moment??

The ball struck the green pin high and took one hop past the hole before spinning back and, much to the joy of all around, dropped into the hole! The cheer that went up was said to be heard in near by Bradfield, with several locals wondering if Sheffield Wednesday had a home game.

A stunning achievement by Matt, who may be using a portion of his winnings to replace his nine iron, which was thrown in adulation! Well done Matt on your first hole-in-one!

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