Hole-In-One For Dave Green!

Dave Green has always been known as the guy with the silky smooth swing. His peers have long been in awe of his natural talents, especially when he has a golf club in his hands.

On a bright autumnal day at Hillsborough Golf Club Dave was about to wow even his biggest admirers.

The delightful scene was set. Our 13th hole... a gentle breeze and the distant sounds of birds feeding their young. However, the match between Dave, Mick Hudson, Alan Robinson and Rick Thompson was anything but serene.

Filled with birdies and excellent iron shots all the way round this group were playing golf of the highest order but the tension was high. With 50p on the line, the stakes could not have been higher.

For those unfamiliar with our 13th. It's a short par 3 but filled with plenty of potential dangers.

Dave's club selection was a pitching wedge....... a good practice swing was followed by the usual rhythmic wiggles whilst over the ball. An on-plane backswing was followed by a powerful yet cultivated downswing.

As the ball set-off on its journey towards the green all three playing partners could do nothing but stand back in admiration of what they were witnessing. The ball landed on the green and spun back 15ft and slammed into the flag, for a moment everyone wondered if the ultimate shot had just taken place, would the ball fall into the hole??

The resounding answer was YES, Dave Green had made a hole-in-one!!

Well done Dave.

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