Hole-In-One By Neil Adgie!

Hole-in-one's are a rare achievement. Many golfers go through their entire playing career without getting close.

Last week, in the Pro Shop, we heard loud roars coming from the course. At first we wondered if Sheffield Wednesday had scored but we soon came to realise the low probability of this and that there was a much better chance that it could actually have been a hole-in-one.

Several hours later Neil Adgie, who was playing in the lunchtime fiddle, walked down the 18th fairway like a man on cloud nine.

After putting out to finish his round Neil came into the Pro Shop to tell us about his hole-in-one on our 3rd hole!

Our 3rd hole has been reduced to a par 3, to avoid the wettest area of the hole, after the horrendous weather we have endured. Neil attacked the hole with a 3 wood and was delighted to see the reaction of the group in front which told him the ball had gone in! Well done Neil.

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