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Dear member The Board wrote to all members recently giving the latest position in relation to Covid-19. The situation is changing very rapidly and since the last communication, reluctantly closing the course, the Board has been asked a number of questions about the Financial stability of the club. Just a few short weeks ago the outlook would have been somewhat different. We were able to report that the Club would outturn the financial year cash positive and the forecast for 20/21 was indicating a profitable profile. As we look forward into our Centenary year, the position looks less certain. The reason for this is simple, a proportion of members are questioning whether to commit to paying subscriptions which are now due. This coupled with a lack of income from Green Fees and Bar income and, worse of all, no clear understanding of when the crisis will end, makes forecasting very difficult. We are not alone in this position, all golf clubs in the UK are facing similar difficulties. The Board are taking measures to address the challenge where possible. We are taking advantage of the Rates Relief, we expect to take advantage of the Government Grant of £25,000 and we are working through ways to cut costs such as furloughing of staff. This will help, but candidly, the Club will not survive as a going concern without membership subscriptions. This is your Club, you all have a vested interest as members, if you want to play this fabulous facility for years to come, you will have to support it in its hour of need. The alternative is being forced to contemplate winding the business up and potentially for Hillsborough Golf Club to close. The Board have considered many options to give the members reassurance. The one option that seems fair and equitable without creating additional administration, is the principle of discounting the membership subscription for 2021 season by an amount commensurate with the time that the Members are not able to play owing to closure(s) that is/are expressly linked to Covid-19. This will work as follows; for every continuous complete month of closure, £50 will be subtracted from next years’ subscription, the Club will also give 2 Green Fee Vouchers. Individual weeks will not count or be aggregated. There will be a maximum discount of £150. There has been suggestion to pay monthly, perhaps even in the short term. Unfortunately, the Club does not have the Regulatory Authority to provide such a scheme, and even if we had, we no longer have office staff to administer it. Fairway Credit is our recommended scheme and they would be willing to talk to you about using their facility. It is important to stress that any Member who has not paid their subscription by the 14th April will be deemed to have resigned from the Club and will lose any member entitlements . This is 2-week extension from normal practice. Moreover, if that individual wishes to join in the future, they will be subject to a joining fee of £500. Any member over the age of 65 who benefits from discounts through being a long-term member will forfeit their continuous service. Members whose subscription is not due at April 1st will be considered separately. The long-term future of Hillsborough Golf Club is the Board’s priority. It has worked tirelessly on your behalf to return its finances to a positive position. It would be so disappointing to see all that effort going to waste. Covid-19 will be yesterday’s news in a few months’ time, we sincerely hope that our Golf Club doesn’t suffer the same fate. This can only be achieved with your support. The easiest way to pay is by bank transfer, but we can accept cheques and credit card payments too. - BACS (sort: 60-19-43 Acct: 29014093) - Fairway credit via this link https://www.premiumcredit.com/products/fairway-credit---member - Cheques can be posted in the office for collection and deposit. - Credit card payments will be taken by calling Natalie on 0736 8294934, 10-2 Monday to Friday. Regards HGC Board

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