A message from the Captain

Dear Members

I know we are very keen to get back playing and as we enter into our ‘new normal’ I thought I would set out an update on a few matters.


Whilst these will not be a feature of our golf as we recommence play, the Competitions Committee will meet to review the calendar and take a view on what might be possible in the coming weeks and/or months. This consideration will also apply to planned fundraising events and I hope to report back on this and progress in the next three to four weeks.

Captain Pro Challenge

Many of you have stepped forward declaring your intention to take a scalp! Moving forward this important fundraising and bragging rights game will recommence although in a different format. Mark and I want to give it broad appeal and we will from time to time include the Assistant Pro’s to facilitate an inclusive approach. There are a few games to honour that had already been committed to booked but in future the availability to participate will appear on BRS.

Fundraising Developments

Although not open immediately, we have started to give the driving range some love. Stage One is to make a safe and more attractive teeing area in this regard I have released some funds from the Captain’s fundraising pot and 50/50 club to purchase top quality mats. In this regard I have released some funds from the Captain’s Fundraising Pot to purchase new top quality mats. Let’s hope we are able to use them in the not too distant future - they will shortly be delivered! There are a number of members supporting this project and dancing to the tune of gaffer Matt Shaw, who are seeking to support and finish this project. On completion we will report fully on what has been achieved.

Alas the Captain’s car parking space raffle did not happen but I will take care in the next few weeks to resolve this in a way that is fair to everyone who entered, and of course, I will make sure your contributions are refunded if we I cannot find a way to roll it over or come to some other suitable arrangement.

As for the Find the Joker - watch this space it’s going to be a tricky one to resolve, we will get our heads together and report back in due course.

Finally and Most Importantly

I want to extend a huge debt of gratitude to members who supported during the lockdown - not easy to accomplish with the restrictions and too many to mention, but thank you for the ad-hoc patrols and safely helping the green-keepers.

I also wanted to offer to the Board a special thank you - often unsighted to most, the time and care they have given to keeping us going has been humbling. I cannot over exaggerate the voluntary time they have given up over the last period to move us forward - we are very lucky to have such a group unselfishly offering their stewardship to the club.

To the green keepers, staff, Professionals and Carl and Natalie - I know it’s been tough and I know too that the membership will show their appreciation and understanding if everything in the next period is not quite as shiny or seamless as we would like. We are all learning and your support, resilience and humour in the face of the difficulties we have had has not gone unnoticed.

Take care all and enjoy your golf - I am always available should you need to talk to me.

Adrian Goldacre

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