It took 50 years but... HE DID IT!!

Many golfers play golf their entire adult life and never come close to a hole-in-one, instead it's something they hear about when seeing a bottle of whiskey left on the bar.

A long standing member of ours, Robert Taylor, must have been through this scenario many times in his 50 years of playing golf. Seeing that bottle of whiskey and wondering if someday he would be leaving a tipple for others to enjoy.

Our 6th hole is a tough par 3 measuring 211 yards from the back tees and generally playing into the wind. As Robert stood on this tee recently he knew he was hitting the ball well but was waiting for something to ignite his round, could this be the moment??

He pulled out his trusty 5 wood and calculated the strength of the wind by throwing a few blades of grass up into the air, "into and off the right" he said to himself.

A few smooth practice swings were followed by a powerful and athletic move at the ball which resulted in the sound of golf ball leaving clubface that can only be compared to a rocket being launched.

As the ball flew towards the target Robert knew it was going to be close. His little "baby draw" was moving the ball nicely on the wind towards the flag.

The ball landed on the green, took a few small hops and BOOM landed in the hole!!! At that moment all of Roberts near misses flashed before his eyes as the reality of his accomplishment began to sink in. He had made his first ever hole-in-one!!

Well done Robert!

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