GO ON MATT......and on and on and on

Dear member Matt neither crawled nor stumbled through his 11 rounds yesterday - he simply stood up and delivered with that same admirable focus he plays his ‘normal’ golf. Round after round, mile after mile, birdie after birdie, marathon after marathon - yes, a double marathon! His feat was steadied by a constant flow of Jaffa Cakes and attentive volunteers. The vital statistics are yet to be revealed, including Matt’s step count. So, if you have not yet had the opportunity, then the GoFundMe page is still very much alive and open for donations through the attached link (click the "read more" button below). In the meantime Matt take a bow and put your feet up, nothing will give the Volunteer Army greater pleasure than repairing your divots next week!!! To all those that have donated thank you for your support - your generosity is very humbling particularly during these more challenging times Adrian Goldacre HGC Captain

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