A Hole-In-One For Baz!

At our club we have certain members who are "head turners". When they step onto the tee, you instantly stop what you're doing and watch everything they do.

You watch the athleticism of their set-up and their effortless swing that seems to generate phenomenal power.

Barry Naylor, is not one of these. Effortless power is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Baz. But, a gritty competitor?? Yes. And one of our most popular members?? Definitely.

Baz knows his way around this course and knows how to work his hybrid, which was his club of choice on our 6th hole recently.

184 yards was the yardage so he decided to leave the famous Par 3 Pam Shriver in the bag and go for his hybrid.

The strike of his shot was a head turner because the ball was travelling straight for the flag. A nice bounce was followed by a good roll and in it went for a magical hole-in-one!!

Well done Baz!!

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