A Hole-In-One For Mr Robinson

Alan Robinson has been a member of our club for around 20 years and knows the course like the back of his hand.

He has played our second hole many times and more often than not he has left the green feeling a little frustrated, often due to an irritating three putt on the sloping green.

But when he stood on the second tee recently he felt a strange sense of calmness. A recent set of lessons from the Swing Guru himself (yours truly (-; ) had given him a new swing thought and everything was starting to fall into place.

His tee shot sounded crisp and pure and the ball headed straight for it's target. As the ball was mid flight all Alan could think was "don't go pas the pin", as this would leave a smelly downhill putt.

But the worry of a downhill putt was the least of his worries.... he now had to worry about buying a bottle of whiskey in the bar because he had made a hole-in-one!!!

Well done Alan.

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