A hole-in-one for John!!!

Our competitions committee recently decided to organise a competition called "The Rainbow Event" where teams of four play a best two scores to count stableford format but the tee's are alternated. One hole is played off of the white tees, the next is off of the yellows and the next off the reds.

John Machin's team were having a mediocre day but enjoying themselves never the less. After a wonderful butty at the halfway house John pulled out his 6 iron on the 10th tee. His team mate James Thornber noticed this club selection and in true action movie style ran as quick as he could to intervene and ensure this club was not the one John hit his tee shot with.

After initially resisting his team mates suggestion John reluctantly decided to change to a 7 iron. At the time neither of them knew just how big this decision was and how it would bond them together for the rest of their lives.

Most regular golfers would have allowed this indecision to put them off but John isn't your average golfer! There can be all sorts of commotion at the halfway house, eggs being dropped and kettle's boiling but John is in the zone and will not be distracted.

A nice strike from 165 yards was shortly followed by crazy scenes of jubilation because John had hit his first ever (official) hole-in-one!!!

Well done John (and well done James for the expert caddying)!!

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